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Our dogs provide so much for us; why not treat them to a day that is all about them? They will enjoy a wonderful walk where they can look for the hidden bones along the path; lucky winners will receive a canine spa package. Excellus BCBS and United Health Services have donated water stops just for them!

After the walk, it is time to let the games begin, the popular musical mats– this time with 2 areas to play! There will be contests, demonstrations, vendors and all sorts of surprises. We know you will want to make a day of it and we don’t want you to be hungry, so Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks and Frito-Lay will be there!

  1. Clancy says:

    Clancy is dictating this to me, his typist: “I want to be the Top Dog this year! I will try hard to gather the most donations. I thought I I might win the the costume contest. I had a creative costume year – I was a horse! Everyone always says something like, ‘you could but a saddle on him and ride him’ or ‘is that a horse?’ Oh, well, you want to know what I won? The Owner/Dog Look-A-Like contest! No offence to my person but I am slim and tall with LONG legs?? Have you met Kathy???!!! Not that I’m not grateful – I do LOVE the attention! I hope to see EVERYONE there on October 1st!

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